Trek Bikes
Trek, founded in 1976, set out to make the best bikes in the world.  They have delivered.  So will we. 

Committed riders, competitive athletes and world champions have frequented its saddle.  From the trail rider, cyclocross and tri-athletes to the casual rider who knows how to enjoy their surroundings while commuting to work or taking a family joyride, riders have benefited from this reputable company. 

With a selection including road, mountain, cross, hybrid, comfort, cruiser, kids and even tandem bicycles we're sure we can find the ideal Trek for you. And you'll love the way every Trek quality design, materials and attention to detail ensure the ride that is right for you. 

See our styles section to find the type of bike that is right for you. 

Visit Treks web page to see their full selection. 
Your journey begins at Fremont-Elmore Cycle & Fitness.   


Thank you for your help and customer service while riding in Bike to the Bay! ~ Jack
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