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The Electra Company

We make bikes for people to ride.  Not like the second leg of a triathlon ride.  But if someone actually did that, it would be amazing.  We just get you where you need to go, and make sure you have fun doing it.  Wherever.  Whenever.  Whoever you are.  Ours is not an exclusive club.  If you like to have a good time, you're in.  The codeword is: didgeridoo.  It's just fun to say.

The point is, we started this company because we thought bikes could be more fun.  We thought they could look a little cooler.  Then we stopped thinking and went to the beach.  But eventually we made it back to our studio and starting designing.  The result was a cruiser that looked and rode unlike any other bike out there.  And you guys loved it.

So we made more.  Over 20 years later, we're still doing it.  Still being true to ourselves.  Still kicking convention to the curb.  And still creating new ways to ride.  Because we believe our best bike is our next bike.  From beach cruisers to urban commuters, the perfect bike for you is from Electra.

You rock. Let's roll. 


What did Electra do to take the work out of workout?

Besides giving Americans the permission to have fun, they have engineered the technology of a comfortable, yet efficient ride.  Notice some key features that make your ride efficient, yet fun. 

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Serving Fremont, Toledo, and Northwest Ohio