Those who ride this new innovative bicycle aren't taking its challenge sitting down.  In fact, the entire ride is completed standing up.  The ElliptiGO was designed by injured runners looking to take their indoor elliptical workout outdoors.  This quality engineered machine affords former runners, as well as triathletes and ultrarunners a workout that simulates running, but without the impact.  Getting a good workout in a short period of time is just part of its appeal. 
Experience the fun and comfort of elliptical cycling on the ElliptiGO Arc, our newest, lightest and most affordable elliptical bike.

With eight gears, a sleek aluminum frame and compact elliptical stride, the Arc 8 not only provides a fantastic low-impact workout experience, it also gives you the ability to cruise comfortably, sprint off the line quickly, and climb steep hills.

Take your fitness and fun outdoors with the ElliptiGO Arc!

The ElliptiGO Arc 24, our high-performance compact-stride model, takes stand-up cycling to a whole new level.

Its 24 gears deliver silky-smooth shifting along the widest range of gears of any elliptical bike – a full 574% range! That gives you optimum precision for dialing in the perfect resistance level and cadence for any ride and terrain. In addition to all the other standard features, the Arc 24 comes fully loaded with Ergon grip bar ends, toe cages and a fender to improve your riding comfort and performance.

If you demand the ultimate performance in a stand-up bike, the Arc 24 delivers!

The longer stride ElliptiGO design comes in three basic models. 

3C  2 color choices, removable stem, Velo ergonomic grips, mild hill climbing capabilities, Aluminum with composite nylon foot platform, internal three speed gearing. 

8C  3 color choices, removable stem, Ergon GC3 multi-position ergonomic grips,  steep hill climbing capabilities, Aluminum with composite nylon foot platform, internal 8 speed gearing

11R  Matte Black with White Striping, foldable stem, Ergon GC3 multi-position ergonomic grips,  steep hill climbing capabilities, carbon fiber foot platform, internal 8 speed gearing

Learning to ride.  It takes just a minute to adjust to the balance needed to ride the ElliptiGO with freedom.  After a few miles the rider begins to feel comfortable and relaxed with the unique stroke.  While the motion and cardiovasular output simulates running the speed of travel is closer to riding a traditional bicycle.  An EllipitiGO athlete can enjoy a great workout in a short period of time.  That said, be warned . . .  you are more likely to want to keeping GOing.
The ElliptiGO utilizes an internal gearing system in either 3, 8 or 11 speeds. 

The crank arm has four positions to accommodate riders between 5' 0" and 6' 6"

The 3 and 8 speed come with foot platform made of aluminum with composite nylon
while the new 11 speed has multi-modulus carbon-fiber monococque foot platforms.
 Though the handlebar system is stationary, the upper body is very much involved in the workout.  It is easy to adjust the height of steering extender.  The Sturmey Archer S30 trigger shifter (3 speed model) or the Shimano Alfine SL (8 or 11 speed model) allows you to shift with ease.   

Find the bicycle that best helps you reach your fitness goals is our goal. 

Visit the ElliptiGO web page and stop by either of our locations during our regular business hours, and we will be happy to answer any question you may have. 

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