We're not kidding around!  We believe in cycling and we believe in quality bikes.  If you're looking to involve your children in a lifetime of cycling, consider the fact that the quality of bike effects the enjoyment factor.  We want the look, feel and ride to culminate with your child asking to take another ride along the trail, across the county or eventually, perhaps along the continental divide.  Life time fitness starts with a bike that breeds success and joy.  It is an investment in their health and their recreational pursuits.  In the long run it's worth it.  Consider some of these great options to keep the whole family riding for years to come.

Trek Kickster

Steering limiter prevents kids from turning too sharply.  Foot rest allows kids to try balancing as they get going.  Contact points are Dialed to fit kids right from the start.  Trek quality = safety and fun!

Available in Vice Pink and Trek Black.

The Trek Precaliber 12

The Trek Precaliber 12 inch will grow with your child.  Removable training wheels, adjustable seat height and an aluminum frame add to the value.

Available in Viper Red or Pink Frosting.  Either is sure to please!

The Trek Precaliber 16

The 16" wheel of the Precaliber 16 will help your child grow into a love of cycling.  The aluminum frame, steel fork and dialed fit will ensures this bike will fit them as long as possible.

Available in Purple Lotus, Crystal White, Trek Black or Roarange.
Trek Precaliber 20

You have options on the Trek Precaliber 20".  This is available in a coaster brake, single speed model or a hand-brake, 6 speed model.  The coaster brake model also has one rear wheel hand-brake.  This will keep their confidence high while introducing them to hand-brakes.

Coaster brakes: Trek Black, Waterloo Blue and Pink Frosting
6-speed: Volt Green and Trek Black

Precaliber 24 21-Speed or 7-Speed

Trek Kids' mountain bikes are the real deal, with light frames, knobby tires, quality parts, durable construction, and Dialed adjustable components that can grow with young riders.

Adventurous kids deserve a true, trail-ready bike that will take them down the road or off the road with confidence and control.

21-Speed: Trek Black Pearl, Purple Lotus, Viper Red and Matte Black
7-Speed: Crystal White and Trek Dnister Black

Trek Emonda 650

The Emonda 650 has a carbon fork, aluminum frame and the legendary Emonda race ancestry.  The 18-speed Shimano drivetrain makes for a fast, race ready ride.  Available in Viper Red.
Mountain Train 201

Pedal trailers let you bring your kids along to share in the adventure, even when the route is too long for those little legs. Broaden their horizons, bike style!

You care about safety, kids care about fun. The smart design and quality construction of these trusty trailers will keep you both happy for many miles to come.

The Croozer Kid Trailer can be used as a jogger, a buggy or a bicycle trailer.  A great 3 in 1 package!

This is available as a one-seater or a two-seater.  Features include a low center of gravity, five-point anchored seatbelts, aluminum bumpers, wind and weather protection and a great view.  Room behind the seat allows for bags, food, toys and more.  Includes reflective markings and safety flag.  The quick-folding system helps it stash in your vehicle easily.

Serving Fremont, Toledo, and Northwest Ohio