Choosing the right bike starts with knowing the right questions to ask.  Learning what 'style' of bike is best for you is a good place to start.  Once you learn what style then we look at brands. 

That's all. 

Your journey begins at Fremont-Elmore Cycle & Fitness.   



For some, life in the saddle is more about getting there first than it is about anything else.  Competitive Road, Tri and cyclocross athletes have some fantastic options to choose from.   Perhaps you will be first across the line at White Star PT's first annual Triathlon, or Elite Endeavor's woman's only event. 
Fremont/Elmore Cycle will help you make your selection as well as be sure the bike you win on is fit for you.

Consider Trek Speed Concept Series for the serious Tri-athlete.
Perhaps the Madone Road Bike Series is the perfect combination of speed and premium
components and design. 
Learn more about all of Trek Road bike on
Our Trek page



Perhaps winning is not on your bucket list, but accomplishing that century ride is.  The century ride is to cylists what the marathon is to the runner.  We've got the bike to take you along the Sciota River Valley ride (TOSRV), on that summer vacation tour (GOBA) or one Midwest Ohio's scenic day tours.  (Check our Calendar for local rides and events.)

Trek Road bikes will take you where you want to go at a speed you will be bragging about.
Trek Fitness bikes answers the question "What kind of bike will give me the speed I want, the light weight features of a road bike, but the straight handle bar design that many riders are accustomed to?" 


Though "cycling club" is Synonymous with fast and far style riding, the largest contingency of riders falls in the "Hey What's the Hurry?!" category.  Families riding to the ice cream store, children riding to their ball practice,  friends sharing the afternoon along the  North Coast Inland Trail, along Maumee Bay's Coast line or back to the East Harbor Campground is the way of most.  This is riding the way its meant to be.  Let Fremont/Elmore Cycle find the bike that right for you.  A comfortable, correctly sized quality bike will take you where you need to go in style. 

See our BRANDS specific page for more information about the great line of bikes.
1.  TREK
3.  OPUS

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