What to Wear for Comfortable Cycling
With today's excellent fabric choices and layering options there is no reason to stop riding your bicycle during any season of the year. Be patient as it may take you a few rides to decide on the perfect combination of layers for your own personal comfort. Below is a list of items at several temperatures to get you started. The employees at Fremont/Elmore Cycle & Fitness are a great source of knowledge on this topic as well.  :)

We recommend a helmet on every ride!  Therefore it will not be listed below.

60+ degrees (15.5C) - Shorts and jersey of your choice, short finger cycling gloves.

50+ degrees (10C) - Add tights or leg/knee warmers, long-sleeve jersey or wicking baselayer.

40+ degrees (4.4C) - Long sleeve lined cycling jacket, thin to medium-weight long finger gloves, headband or ear covers, heavier winter cycling socks, and shoe covers.

30+ degrees (-1C) - Heavy-weight tights, wicking turtleneck under a heavier lined cycling jacket, lined skullcap, wool socks and winter shoe covers.

20+ degrees (-6.7C) - Winter bib tights, long sleeve baselayer, turtleneck and jersey, winter weight cycling jacket, mittens or lobster claw gloves, balaclava, winter socks and shoes, shoe covers and possibly toes warmers.

When rain is a possibility at any temperature, the jacket should be water resistant or waterproof. Rain pants are also available to keep you dry and comfortable.

For 60+ degrees: short sleeve jersey, baggy shorts and short finger gloves.
For 50+ degrees: tights and a long-sleeve baselayer, or arm and leg warmers.
For 40+ degrees: long-finger gloves, ear band and wool socks.
For 30+ degrees: heavy weight tights, fleece lined jacket (converts to a vest) and shoe covers.
For 20+ degrees: Heavy weight cycling jacket, lined skull cap or balaclava and chemical toe warmers.
For rainy conditions: O2 Cycling Gear will keep you dry.  It's light weight and extremely packable.

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