Bicycling, Fitness and Advocacy
Here at Fremont and Elmore Cycle and Fitness a portion of our mission statement is “to fulfill each customer’s recreational goals”. We try to fulfill your goals each time you step through our doors but we’d like you to know that we are also out in the community helping with local runs, triathlons, rides and charity events.
Dan Waggoner is a familiar sight at many 5k and 10k runs as he leads out the group on his ElliptiGO. David has presented a bicycle safety program to local elementary students each year. You may have participated in one of our instructional clinics on everything from bicycle maintenance, mountain biking to participating in your first triathlon. Or you may have participated in events we've co-sponsored with one of the local cycling clubs, running clubs, the county parks or other organizations.
This may be a side of Fremont and Elmore Cycle and Fitness that you are not aware of but one that we hope you will become more familiar with as we seek to find better ways to advocate for bicycling and fitness.

For a better environment:
On-going efforts to support our environment: We have kept roughly 2 tons of cardboard out of the landfill each of the past few years. We are recycling as many rubber products (tires/tubes) as possible. The latest number is 1000 lbs of rubber each year. We also recycle scrap metal, as well as provide used bicycles to the Toledo Bike Co-op. More recently, we’ve begun to recycle our paper and plastic waste.
This past year we had a vendor pay for shipping of our bicycle tubes to the recycling center but that has now come to an end. We collect hundreds of tubes a year, therefore we at Fremont/Elmore Cycle and Fitness are reaching out to you our customers and friends. Do you have a use? I and many of our customers use tubes as tie downs (examples: tie down trunk lids, young trees and bikes to bike racks). I have also used tubes for physical therapy (stretching exercises). What use do you have?  Stop in at either store and you can have all the tubes you want for FREE!

For our local paths and parks:

We are also active on the local trails to maintain and clear these pathways.  We are responsible for litter clean-up on a section of the North Coast Inland Trail.

We also contributed to the newly opened Wilson Nature Center at Creek Bend Farms in Lindsey, Ohio.
Some of the local events and charities we support and have participated in in the past:
February: Sandusky County YMCA Gala & Silent Auction.
May: ‘Bring a Friend’ ride: 10, 20 and 50 mile routes. We sponsored this ride.
May: Whirlpool ride. We provide mechanical support on this ride.
May/June: Bicycle safety presentations at Fremont City Schools, Clyde Grade School and the Cub Scouts.
May: Jeremy Shock Memorial Fun/Mud Run.
May: Solomon Lutheran School 5 "Kay" Run/Walk. Look for us on the ElliptiGOs!
May: 5K Run/Walk Against Human Trafficking in Lindsey, Ohio. Look for us on the ElliptiGOs!
May: Sandusky County GO Program. Promoting health and fitness in Sandusky County.
June: Rotary Mesa Ride. We're proud to co-lead this ride.
June: MS Bike-To-The-Bay. We are proud to support this major area event with free bike checks to any participant in the days leading up to the ride and day-of mechanical support on the ride.
June: Camelbak 10k and 5k. Yep, you'll see us supporting this run on ElliptiGOs.
June: Pontifex. We support the fund raising efforts of this local community supporter not just in their June events but year round.
July: Duathlon in Elmore. We are proud to help organize and sponsor this wonderful event in association with the Fremont Elite Runners Club and the Flatlander's Bicycling Club
July: Parker’s Purpose, Muscular Dystrophy.
July: Woodville 5K Run/Walk. Look for us on the ElliptiGOs!
August: WSOS Community Action Dignity & Respect Day.
August: Fort Stephenson Festival. Come on out and join us on the wonderful festival day bicycle tour on local history.
September: Brush Wellman holds an internal auction benefiting the United Way.
September: Alexis Brown Memorial 5k Run/Walk. Look for us as we lead out the race on ElliptiGOs!


See you on the trail!

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