Commuter Bikes
One question has stumped bike advocates since the invention of the freewheel: Why don’t more people ride to work, the store, the gym?

Pedaling is a clear winner over the alternatives. It’s good for the environment, your bank account, your body, and even your sanity. Moreover, it’s just fun.

"Cycling is becoming a more relevant mode of transportation with more cities implementing bike share programs and bike lanes," said Zak Pashak, founder and president of Detroit Bikes.  "Now is the time to redefine the way people think about cycling.  To show casual bikers and non-athletes that biking is a realistic option."


Detroit Bikes

Detroit Bikes offer two fantastic options for commuters.  The matte black A-Type bicycle and the glossy white B-Type bicycle with a step through frame.  These commuter bikes are manufactured in Detroit, MI.  They come fully equipped with fenders, 3 speed internal shifting, a rear rack and a chain guard. 

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Trek Bicycles

Trek offers the commuter the Allant - classic city bike styling that is a comfortable, reliable commuter bike.  Available in both mens and woman specific designs, the Allant's savvy blend of style and function make it an excellent way to commute to work, the farmer's market, or cruise the boulevard.

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The drop-bar CrossRip is quick in traffic, sure-footed when the weather or pavement gets rough, and comfortable over the long haul. Now with a lighter frame, all new geometry and a swift, agile ride.  Road bike? Cross bike? Commuter? Yes.

Serving Fremont, Toledo, and Northwest Ohio