Bicycle Styles

A Variety of Styles

The cycling world is made up of many different types of riders.  At Fremont/Elmore Cycle & Fitness we are committed to set our customers up with top quality bikes fit specially to individual rider's needs and goals.  Our sales representatives would be happy to give you an overview of the kinds of bikes we offer and direct you to the right bike for you.   Browse this section for a sampling of the types of bikes we offer.


Cruiser style bicycles are designed for the rider who values a relaxed, comfortable and stylish ride. These are the riders who ask "What's the hurry?" and know how to enjoy the scenery, enjoy the day, and enjoy their bike! 

  • The Electra Company offers a wide array of men's and woman's bicycles in vintage, classic and just plain fun designs each of with their innovative pedal forward and flat foot technology.
The most popular model is their Townie collection.



Hybrid style bicycles are designed for the rider who wants a comfortable position that keeps them riding.  These bikes feature padded saddles, straight handlebar designs and styles with various suspension, gearing and tire options. 

Trek Hybrid bikes are a local favorite among our long time customers and new families alike.  This line offers  a comfortable upright ride along the trail, on their next camping trip or just across town.   These bikes also boast of great handling with child carriers, trailers and extra items in tow.  Trek's Verve Series offers an upright ride that is road-light and off-road tough.


Fitness bikes are designed for the rider who is comfortable with an engaging workout while preferring straight handlebars.  These bikes are versatile and zippy.  The light weight components and frame allow the rider to 'go the distance' or cruise around town. 

One of Trek's more popular fitness bicycle models is the Trek FX.  Stop in our Fremont or Elmore location to find the size that is right for you. 


Removing obstacles that limit the desire to get outdoors is what this riding style is about.  Two wheels, or three, these fun yet comfortable bikes take the casual rider or the serious rider where they want to go. 

See our Terra Trike, Trident Trikes or Sun/Tour Easy pages to learn more about this great bike.  (You might also try looking up the word "fun" in the dictionary.  We think you will likely see a photo of one of these!) 

Road Bikes

Light, fast pavement riding for the rider who enjoys high performance, efficent design, and the opporturnity to challenge themselves or challenge their fellow riders.  For racing, recreation and fitness training. 

While these bikes are NOT a one size fits all, once a rider is fit to the right size and type of bicycle there is no stopping the fun.  Our TREK road bikes offer a wide selection of component options and riding/racing styles. 


The mountain bike has built-in features to take its rider beyond the pavement.  Designed for rugged trail riding.  Conquer the terrain, forge into new territory on this sure-footed style bike.

 Trek Mountain bikes has some great options.

Stand Up and Ride

In case you are thinkg that 'stand up' and 'ride' don't go together, think again.  Good Morning America featured this newest machine to join the bicycling ranks.   While employees of Fremont- Elmore Cycle have road tested this new product (see below), we are commited to bringing you the same quality advice and service to help you reach your fitness goals.  Test rides are available.  See our ElliptiGO page for more information. 

~ First Retailer in Ohio to sell the ElliptiGO.
~ Two employees joined their Century Club 
~ Employee placed in the 2nd annual ElliptiGO World Championships

It takes two, of course.  Pick your style.  Cruiser tandems are designed for the duo ride in style with the end goal of 'fun.'  We offer the road tandem for riding partners who are looking for a great workout designed for speed.

We have cruiser tandems, road tandems and 3-wheeled tandems.  See the selection by clicking here.


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