Chariot Trailers
For the active outdoors parent, taking a hike one day, a run the next, and then a longer bike ride over the weekend is not out of the ordinary.  When that first child (or two) might otherwise limit activity, Chariot Child Carriers were brilliantly designed with the active family in mind.  Chariot has designed a carrier that is quality built, superbly comfortable and remarkably smart.  With the Chariot system you can stroll, run, bike, hike and even cross country ski* all with the same carrier. 
Stay active. 
Pass on the love of outdoors to your children. 

A basic overview video demonstrates some the the key features of this product.

* kits sold separately
Fremont-Elmore Cycle & Fitness carries select models of the Chariot Carriage system. 

Their most popular model can carry either one passenger or two.  Additional kits can be purchased to best suit your outdoor fitness needs.  You and your passenger will love all the great features!

Cougar 1:  Carries one passenger.  Storage space, stow spots to carry additional kits while you travel and many more features. 

Cougar 2:  Carries two passengers comfortably. 
Storage space, stow spots to carry additional kits while you travel and many more features. 

Croozer Kid for 2

A double 3-in-1 child carrier (overiew video)

One or two-seater?
That's up to you. Even if you're not planning on adding to the family, a two-seater is often a good choice, as two children riding together can be twice as much fun. Enthusiastic takers for the second seat will not be hard to find.

Comes standard with:

  • Bicycle hitch arm with two part axle hitch
  • Stroller wheel
  • Jogging wheel with jogging arms
  • Safety flag
  • Combi-cover for weather and insect protection
  • Separate seating area for each child
  • Reflective height and width markings
  • Low center of gravity
  • Extra large rear storage space
  • Quick folding system
  • Padded shoulder harness
  • Clear roll-up front window
  • Tinted side windows
Though not in stock, order one for your favorite family friend. 

A 2-in-1 for your smaller four legged companions

When you don't want to leave the family pet at home, or when the walk is too far for old or young legs, take along the Croozer Mini. Your pet rides comfortably so the whole family can enjoy being outside together.

Comes standard with:

  • Bicycle hitcharm with two part axle hitch
  • Padded handebar and strolling wheel attachment
  • Mesh front, back and side windows
  • Internal eyelet for attaching dog harnesses
  • Simple folding mechanism
  • Rear storage pocket
  • Integrated parking brake

Serving Fremont, Toledo, and Northwest Ohio