Fitness Bikes
Trek FX Series Fitness Bikes

Fitness bikes are designed for the rider who is comfortable with an engaging workout while preferring straight handlebars.  These bikes are versatile and zippy.  The light-weight components and frame allow the rider to 'go the distance' or cruise around town. 

One of Trek's more popular fitness bicycle models is the Trek FX.  Stop in our Fremont or Elmore location to find the size that is right for you. 

Adagio 1.0 Fitness Bike

Performance meets recreation. Trust our urban performance bikes to get you where you're going in comfort, in style and on time. These are our most reliable fitness bikes, commuters, errand runners and fun city runabouts. We build them with durable Meta 20 6061 aluminum for strength and light weight. That makes them easier to maneuver and a breeze to carry and store.
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