Recumbent Bikes

We stock many types of recumbent bikes!

Two-wheeled recumbent bicycles will either be long wheelbase or short wheelbase. Long wheelbase has the front wheel ahead of the cranks (the assembly that the pedals are on), and short wheelbase has the cranks as the front thing on the bike. Long wheelbase bikes with a smaller set of wheels are called compact long wheelbase.

Among tricycles, there are delta trikes, which have one wheel in front and two in back(usually long wheelbase bikes) with the front wheel ahead of the cranks (alternatives exist, but they are rare). There are also tadpole trikes, with two wheels in front and one in back(short wheelbase bikes) with the pedals at the very front.

The best way to know which type is best for you is to come and test ride as many as possible. Each will feel slightly different and one will give you that 'comfortable, this-is-right' feeling that means you’ve found your new adventure!


Terra Trike

The Terra Trike Rover is available in 2 speed, 3 speed and 8 speed models.  It features a higher seat for better visibility and safety, a tighter turn radius than most uprights and the option to turn it into a tandem.

With it’s sleek styling, multiple gearing options, higher seat, and curvaceous tubing, the Terra Trike Rambler is the perfect cross between the Rover and the Tour II. It maintains the great geometry of the Rover while adding the lightweight frame and gearing of the Tour II.
The Tour II recumbent is a study in refinement. The chro-moly frame and upgraded components make this the perfect touring platform that allows you to find your own road. This is the trike that can take you cross-country or simply across the street for coffee.

With 3 different component groups to match your style of riding, it is the perfect trike for the no-nonsense rider looking for a comfortable ride down the bike path, the cruiser that wants to commute to work or the rider who wants to tour the world.
Want to go fast? Really fast? Then the Sportster recumbent bike is your machine.

It accelerates faster, climbs better, and maintains high speeds easier than any trike we’ve ever ridden. This is the supercar of trikes, and a complete thrill to ride.

Available in four component levels to suit nearly any budget. If your goal is simply to move as fast as possible under your own power, then look no further than the Sportster! An added bonus, the Sportster is completely made in America and comes in your choice of 3 different colors!
A tricycle built for two? You bet! The American made TerraTrike Tandem is a great solution for those looking to ride with a companion. With superior stability our trike allows for users of all levels and ages to enjoy a partnered ride.

The Tandem recumbent is built solid to withstand long distance rides and handles smoothly to allow for a riding experience like no other. The optional independent pedaling system (IPS) lets one person pedal while the other coasts. You will laugh yourself silly as you fly down the bike paths.  :)

Trident Trikes

Trident Trikes, from North Carolina, have folding recumbent trikes to fit everyone's wishes.  We currently carry the Spike, the Stowaway and the Titan, but we're willing to order which ever trike you'd love to ride.

Sun Recumbents

The Sun EZ-3 USX trike has an 18" seat height, high tensile Tig welded steel frame and Shimano derailleurs.

This s a blast to ride!

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