Light, fast pavement riding for the rider who enjoys high performance, efficent design, and the opporturnity to challenge themselves or their fellow riders.  For racing, recreation and fitness training. 

While these bikes are NOT "one size fits all", once a rider is fit to the right size and type of bicycle, there is no stopping the fun! 

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Andante 1.0

Performance Aluminum just keeps getting better

Thanks to a new tube-forming process, the strength-to-weight ratio of our aluminum tubes has been optimized. The result is high performance to satisfy the most ambitious rider. Every detail speaks to the care we lavish on design and construction. These bikes are highly addictive.

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Cantate 2.0 - Woman Specific

Sport Aluminum Comfort with an edge

The tubing and design of our Sport Aluminum frames were bred from the same stock as our high-end thoroughbreds. The tapered head tubes, oversized down tubes and bottom brackets, and dropout designs all give a unique styling to Othello and Cantate bikes, producing top performance for a quick spin or an epic ride. Because comfort is important for short or long haul riding, we’ve incorporated a 1.25-inch tapered head tube and fine-tuned the fork, chain stays and seat stays. Working in concert, these design features smooth out road imperfections to deliver a near-perfect, fully controlled ride that everyone will enjoy. - See more at:

2014 salsa Colossal Ti

All Day Pavement / Paved Bikepacking / Rackless Randonneuring

Colossal Ti is our top-of-the-line all-day road riding and rack-less randonneuring bike. It’s a bike for pouring on the miles, taking in the scenery, challenging one’s self, and making discoveries.

Colossal Ti is a bike for riders that understand the difference between what a heart rate monitor will get them, and what riding till their tire casing wears through will.

Colossal. Eat a big breakfast.

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving. ~ Albert Einstein
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