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Trek Mountain Bikes


There’s a whole world off the beaten path. Explore it on a Trek sport hardtail mountain bike. These bikes are built to withstand the elements and do your bidding, whether that’s riding off curbs, venturing onto your first singletrack, or completing your first race. Whatever your intention, sport hardtails hold the key to a world of off-road adventure.

Trek Roscoe

New for 2018!

This all new Alpha Gold Aluminum frame with 27.5+ tires will give you great traction and confidence on the trail.  Shorter chainstays and Boost141 hub spacing for increased agility and clearance for wider tires.  The new Roscoe will help you create some great trail memories!

Trek X-Caliber

Caution: X-Caliber will get you hooked. It packs all of Trek’s XC race hardtail experience into a light, fast, race-ready bike that pairs the right wheel size with each frame size.

Nothing beats the efficiency, simplicity, and straight-up fun of an X-Cal hardtail mountain bike in 29er or 27.5". Great for XC racing, marathons, 24-hour racing, or simply shredding singletrack.

Trek Marlin

The Marlin mountain bike takes its cue from light, fast XC bikes. The right wheel size for each frame size, performance pedigree, and unbeatable ride feel make Marlin the perfect trail rider.
When you're ready for longer days on your mountain bike, bigger challenges on the trail, and all the fun of the full mountain biking experience, you're ready for Marlin.

Trek Farley

Don’t let the fat tires fool you. Farley is a pure performance bike that’s light, agile, and handles just like a great mountain bike should. Ride it, race it, love it.

Fat bikes give you more places, more seasons to ride. From dunes to drifts, race to recreation, Farley lets you tackle anything, any time, for any reason. Fatten up this season.

Trek Stache

This is an all-new species of 29+ tire mountain bike.  3" wide tires grip any terrain and short chainstays provide a fun, lively ride.
Trek Mountain bikes offer a variety of options.  We have a limited selection of full suspension mountain bikes.  We will order any Trek bike to fit your needs.

Salsa Fargo

Bikepacking / Off-Road Touring / Singletrack

The Fargo is our drop-bar, off-road touring adventure bike. It has developed a cult status as an off-road touring and bikepacking machine and fuels our passion for long days in the saddle in distant lands.

The Fargo is designed to take you wherever it is you wish to go, be it the Camino de Santiago route from France to Spain, or an extended exploration of Patagonia, or across town to Kroger.


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