The Most Popular Cycling Races And Competition

Cycling goes way back in history and cycling competitions are quite anticipated by cycling fans. Cycling competitions also allow sport bettors to place their bets on their favorite cyclists involved in these races. The most popular bike races and cycling competitions are;

  1. Tour de France: Tour de France is one of the major cycling competitions. It usually takes place in July and started in 1903. The races take place within 21 days and involve a distance of about 2,000 – 2,200 miles. Tour de France races feature the top riders in the world. Tour de France also involves a flat surface indecisive stage, the mountain stages where the riders will ride into the Alps where some losers will be decided. Winners and losers are decided overtime period which spreads into the final race period.
  2. Milan-San Remo (Italy): It was initiated in the year 1907. In pro cycling, this cycling competition features the longest one-day race as it tests the endurance of the riders with a long and usually flat distance except around the Passo del Turchino region where they have to go through a big hump before riding towards the Italia Riviera- which is often called “”the Sprinter’s Classic”” the rider with the least mistakes along the race at the end of the day is usually the winner and not necessarily the fastest. This competition features amazing coastal views although with the unpredictable weather condition. The riders have to ride through the Cipressa-San Remo riding across two small climbs; the Cipressa which is 239-meter long and the Pogio de San Remo which is 160-meter.
  3. Paris-Roubaix (France): This competition involves a 150 miles race. It takes place in April and was established in 1896. The ride spans over 30 pavé, from Compiègne (northwest of Paris) even to the popular velodrome in Roubaix. It exposes riders to the spring weather and challenging terrain where punctures are regular and lots of crashes are also experienced. This competition sees the likes of muds, active railroad crossing, pavé that are bone-rattling, crashes, and punctures, some new vibration reducer and lots of mechanical problems. The irregular sector of the Arenberg forest might be the most challenging for riders.

Other popular cycling competitions and races are; Giro d’Italia (Italy), Amgen Tour of California (USA), and Vuelta a España (Spain).

How To Bet Online On Cycling: Basic Rules And Tips

A cycling bettor might either bet on track cycling or road cycling and the understanding of both is important for a bettor. There are also different types of races and classifications and they involve different disciples which the bettor must know. Study the strength and weaknesses of the individual or team you want to place your bet on. You can place your bet through a sports book or an online casino.

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