The Best Bikes for Competitive Biking

The cycling industry is a monster that moves hundreds of millions of euros every year. But what bike brands are now ahead in this competitive world? In today’s article, we will review the best bicycle brands, the ones that sell the most, innovate with different creations, and have acquired immense prestige worldwide.

Some of the best bike brands worldwide


The best brand in the world? Debatable, you can certainly enter into that discussion. The best-known? Without a doubt. The American giant is the reference bicycle brand worldwide.


Bikes of the highest competitive level, at affordable prices and with all kinds of technological innovations have placed Trek as another reference of the cycling world.


Based in Taiwan, Merida stands out for its mountain bikes. Although it also manufactures road or triathlon bicycles, in this field where its products stand out the most.


Scott is quite a reference for quality, but also the variety of his products. One of the best bike brands that goes even further: it is also a reference in the production of biking costumes.


The second Taiwanese giant in the cycling industry, another reference for the cycling industry worldwide. Products of the highest quality, which are used in the best cycling competitions on the planet.


Cube is a German company, founded in 1993, which today has almost 500 employees and is one of the references for the most powerful German industry in the bicycle sector. He makes over 400,000 bicycles a year.


This French company has a little more travel: it was founded in 1946 by Gaston Lapierre in the town of Dijon. More than 70 years later, it continues to be the leader of innovation in his country and stands out, among other things, for his spectacular descent bikes.


The Spanish representative on this list is Orbea. Sales leader in Spain, it is also a benchmark among bike brands around the world.

The best mountain bike brands


Another American brand. Cannondale stands out for the innovation, risk, and showiness of its products, both visually and competitively.


A Swiss brand, a country with a great cycling tradition, which has teams of the highest competitive level. Little more to say about the quality of your products.


The German giant has grown vertiginously since its founding in 2002. They produce mountain bike, road or triathlon bikes, but always of the highest guarantees.


Look is a historic French brand, founded in 1951. Since then, thousands of customers have tested their products, being satisfied with the company’s demanding quality standards.


Protek is a company with little travel in our country, as they began to distribute on this side of the Spanish borders relatively recently. To talk about its quality in the mountain bike sector, suffice it to say that it is the company that Tiago Ferreira trusts, champion of Europe and the world of XCM.


A Catalan brand that, made of excellent materials and quality components at a competitive price, has managed to make a well-deserved niche in the market.