The Top Cycling Tracks in the World

More and more people want to experience cycling, and the number of people who take it as a hobby or on a more professional level is getting bigger by the day. Among the followers of this type of journey, it has been concluded that it is a unique and unrepeatable adventure. It allows us to know unusual places from a different perspective. For those looking for the best BTT routes in the world, here is a selection of those that are certainly the most exciting.

Discovering the world on pedals provides us with a deeper experience, since allowing us to enter the culture more completely, being able to combine sport with culture, gastronomy, and local traditions. Cycling allows you to travel through landscapes at a rate where you can appreciate both the environment and the life that develops around it. The planet is large, and mountain bike routes too. However, some are chosen by cyclists each year as the most emblematic.


Crossing the Himalayas and Tibet by bicycle is possible. An infinite beauty is the protagonist of the route through these regions. It is known as Annapurna circuit. To do this, it is advisable to be a week early to acclimate to the altitude, as the route runs through dizzying paths at 4,000 meters above sea level. It is one of the challenges best known for its harshness. Gratification is indescribable.

Crossing Iceland by bicycle is another great journey that has gained adepts in time. The great difficulty is the extreme climate on the island. However, the landscapes along which the route runs are truly amazing. Locals are used to seeing cyclists, so there are many resources and information on the island. There is a circular route that part of the capital and in total is 1,300 kilometers of adventure.

The Canadian Railway links Vancouver to Toronto on a unique route of over 4,000 kilometers. It runs parallel to one of the longest and oldest train tracks on the planet, which is still in operation today. However, in winter, this cycling route is closed due to a large amount of snow.

From the Costa Dorado to Perth in Australia is another great route chosen every year by the most adventurous cyclists. In particular, 6,000 kilometers are crossed between cities, fields, deserts, and coasts all over the island.

The southern highway through Patagonia and Tierra de Fuego in Argentina is, without a doubt, the route par excellence. The best time to do it is in spring or summer, from November to March. It is so well known that many localities hang the full in their lodging and campsites. It must be something. From the end of the world to Puerto Montt, you will experience a unique experience thanks to the southern kindness of Chileans. I’m sure you know some more bike paths on this beautiful planet. Tell us about your experience and help other cyclists join this great movement of pedaling.